Tenders Last Date
Annual procurement plan-2019 2019
Disposal of un-serviceable items [Last Date: 1-Apr-2019]
Bidding Documents Prequalification of Takaful Companies-2019 (HBFCL, FIXED ASSETS) [Last Date: 25-Mar-2019]
Bidding Documents Prequalification of Takaful Companies-2019 (Customer & Client Mortgage Properties) [Last Date: 25-Mar-2019]
Human Resource Management System with Payroll-Corrigendum [Last Date: 25-Feb-2019]
Human Resource Management System with Payroll ( 29 Jan 2019) [Last Date: 14-Feb-2019]
Hiring the Services of Firm to Prepare Strategic Plan - Addendum (25-Jan-19) [Last Date: 31-Jan-2019]
Hiring the Services of Firm to prepare Strategic Plan fro HBFC [Last Date: 28-Jan-2019]
Hiring the Services of Outsourced Service Provider [Last Date: 15-Jan-2019]
Contact Center sofftware solution [Last Date: 17-Jan-2019]
Outsourced Service Provider-converted [Last Date: 07-Jan-2019]
RFP of Server Virtualization and Storage [Last Date: 20-Dec-2018]
Bidding documents for “Service Level Agreement for Branded Server Machines (Nov 28, 2018) [Last Date: 17-Dec-2018]
Updated Application Software Solutions RFP 9 Nov, 2018 [Last Date: 27-Nov-2018]
Application Software Solutions Addendum
(Nov 9, 2018)
[Last Date: 27-Nov-2018]
RFP of Hiring of Courier Agency
(Nov 7, 2018)
[Last Date: 26-Nov-2018]
Website Based On Content Management Platform [Last Date: 19-Nov-2018]
Contact Center Software Solution [Last Date: 19-Nov-2018]
Bidding Documents For Application Software Solutions (Oct 16, 2018) Last Date: Nov 12, 2018 [Last Date: 12-Nov-2018]
RFP for Hiring the Services of Testing Agency [Last Date: 8-Nov-2018]
Pre-qualification for Appointment of Firms/ Companies for Income Estimation of Clients [Last Date: 29-Oct-2018]
Tender for 03 HP Server Machines [Last Date: 3-Aug-2018]
Tender for Renovation and Refurbishment Works of Staff Toilet and Wazo Area [Last Date: 2-Aug-2018]
Hiring of Official Courier Services [Last Date: 23-July-2018]
IT Frame work [Last Date: 13-July-2018]
Income Estimation of Clients [Last Date: 12-July-2018]
Pre Qualification of Takaful Insurance Companies [Last Date: 26-June-2018]
Consultant Firm for Internal Control over Financial Reporting [Last Date: 25-June-2018]
Consultant Firm for Readiness Assessment and Quantitative Impact Assessment of IFRS [Last Date: 25-June-2018]
Tender for laying Cable Tray System [Last Date: 22-June-2018]
Tender for Purchase of 12 Laptops [Last Date: 22-June-2018]

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