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board of directors

HBFCL's Board of Directors comprises of seasoned professionals with extensive experience gained in Financial Services, Government, Housing for the Poor, and Construction & Development. The Board is the highest overall Governance unit of HBFCL and provides oversight over the company's operations, credit portfolio and financial reporting. The board is fully independent and has been empowered by the shareholders to provide governance over the affairs of the company. It is committed to instil the highest level of Corporate Governance and professional value in the company.



Mr. Saeed Khan

Mr. Saeed Khan - Managing Director/Member HBFCL Board of Directors has MBA Degree from Peshawar University and has over 35 years of experience in Banking.....

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Mr. Zaigham Mahmood Rizvi

Director HBFCL Board holds three Master’s Degrees. One of them is in Business...


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Mr. Arif Hasan

Director HBFCL Board an Architect’s licensing and has studied architecture from Oxford Polytechnic....


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Mr. Tasneem Ahmad Siddiqui

Director HBFCL Board holds a Master’s Degree in English, Political Science and Public ....


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Mr. Shahrukh Arbab

Director HBFCL Board / CSP Officer has a Bachelor’s Degree. Presently he is performing his duties as Federal Secretary....


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Mr. Munir Ahmed

Director HBFCL Board/ CSP Officer has a Master’s Degree in Zoology. Presently he is serving as Joint Secretary (Litigation) in the Finance Division..


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Mr. Mian Asif Said

Director HBFCL Board holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from Islamabad University and MBA Degree...


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Mr. Syed Muhammad Shabbar Zaidi

Director HBFCL Board is a certified Chartered Accountant and has vast experience in various...


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Mr. Kazim Raza Bhayani

Mr. Kazim Raza Bhayani – Secretary HBFCL Board is a Certified Director, Associate Chartered Accountant and Associate Public Finance ...


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